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Protect your profits with
CommStock marketing professionals.

Let's build a plan together!

Protect your profits with CommStock Marketing Professionals.

Let’s build a plan together!

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Meet David

David Kruse is Chairman and co-owner of Commstock Investments in Royal, Iowa.  He has been a commodity broker and advisor since 1985.  David Kruse began farming in 1973.  He is a 4th generation farmer that can trace his farming roots back to Mecklenberg, Germany.  He still owns and manages 880 acres of prime farmland on some of the best soils in Iowa.

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Let us be your Ag Loan officer’s right hand man, keeping them up to date with the latest issues affecting the agricultural marketplace and your customer’s bottom line. Stay informed of trends in the commodity marketplace that can affect customer lending/borrowing needs.


Coming to you from the nation’s heartland, we are farmers too. All of our brokers/research analysts maintain active participation in the management of farming operations. The market recommendations and analysis we provide is information we personally use in marketing our own commodities. Since this is information we use ourselves, we take farm and ranch profitability very seriously! We clearly understand the risks of farming and also know the tools available to manage those risks.

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Get the CommStock Report any way you want it, whenever you want it; whether it’s on our site or through our e-newsletters. Different than some subscription services available, the entire CommStock Report is updated each day, providing subscribers with fresh market information twice daily, with primary focus on grain, livestock and outside market recommendations. The CommStock Report is also noted for its hard-hitting, opinionated commentary, its advocacy for rural America and ability to discern contrary market opinion.

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