AgriPlus LLC

Managed Bushels

Managed Bushels

AgriPlus is Commstock Investments answer to market volatility.  We provide professional grain marketing service for those producers or grain elevators that just want to focus on the production.

U.S. farmers are the best producers in the world, but producing a crop is only half of the profit equation. Our goal is to market corn and soybeans at a higher average sale price, capturing marketing opportunity that will boost revenues. Solid marketing with experience is required. Marketing bushels takes time, patience, knowledge of the markets, expertise, and an unemotional attachment to the sale.  That is what the management team at AgriPlus can deliver.

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What does it take to be a qualifed investor in AgriPlus?

Strong Financial Standing

  • Not needing to sell these bushels for targeted cash flow commitments.
  • Banker who is aware of the potential for margin call needs for your managed bushel (if you would like us to explain this program to your lender, we are happy to do so).
  • Knowledge that the outcome of our marketing program should not stress your buoyancy as a business.

Checklist for Potential Clients:

  • Do you have a strong understanding of the futures/options market?
  • Do you understand the potential for loss within these markets?
  • Do you need these bushels sold prior to final trading date for cash flow purposes on your farm?
  • Are you willing to commit yourself, and us, the intention of giving this program time to work for you to show you the most complete picture of our overall performance?