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The widely anticipated announcement that the Iowa Utilities Board had approved the permit for the Summit Carbon Solutions CO2 pipeline, as well as their use of eminent domain to gain easements from landholders holding out, finally came last week. Opponents said that they were not surprised and would begin seeking their next avenue of opposition in the courts. Summit had made deals for voluntary easements with 75% of landowners needed which surpassed the benchmark of 70% which Dakota Access had gotten when their pipeline permit and eminent domain use was approved. I am one of the landowners with which Summit has an easement.   I expected that this day would come. Before negotiating an easement, I and a small group of family members and neighbors with land on the Summit pipeline route met to discuss the proposed pipeline to decide as to what we would do. We thought that we would deal with them collectively as a group and needed to reach consensus on issues. The first topics discussed were whether we thought that the pipeline was a good thing and whether we thought that it would happen. We were all corn growers and understand that the ethanol industry has…

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