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I did the crop tour thing here locally to evaluate the state of crop condition. I noted that USDA thinks that Iowa’s good/excellent crop conditions ratings are 69% for corn and 67% for soybeans. I failed to see any crops here that I would rate good/excellent. I am serious. Even the best tiled fields have water damage here. They must be fantastic elsewhere in the state to average us up. Even early planted crops have seen conditions deteriorate. 15 inches of rain onto already soaked soils does bad things to crops… particularly crops that were late planted. Some are of course under water but that is just part of the situation. Plant population has been degraded on surviving stands. Corn is yellowing as it is being starved of nitrogen. There is no way for input suppliers to get into fields. With late planted poor stands, root development impaired crops and water-tightened soils, why expend financial resources in a desperate attempt to reduce a crop insurance indemnity? Unhealthy crops cannot utilize inputs. I expect further deterioration in USDA crop condition ratings as the season progresses.   In my own instance I took 85% multi-peril coverage, which given my APH, gives me…

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