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Rarely does the NY Times produce an article that seems supportive of the cattle industry, but they were smart enough to point out the high level of control meatpackers have on our food distribution system.  They highlighted recently how Montana has more cows than people, yet the locals there unknowingly consume beef sourced from Brazil or other regions.  Companies like Tyson and JBS hold such a dominant position in determining what beef is available at the grocery store, often supplied from other countries, that it forces competitors to become vertically integrated if they are ever going to compete.   This is not an easy task as it requires tremendous amount of capital not to mention a dedicated management team.  The Biden administration has offered $1 billion for those willing to start an independent meat processor, but you could burn through that check quickly.  It is not enough to have your own meatpacking facility if you can’t get it in front of consumers.  As packers carry heavy influence with large grocery chains, they can determine how much shelf space to offer for new competitors – which is to say none.  The only way around this is to go direct to consumer…

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