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I’m in CommStock’s Garden City office, in Finney County, in the SW corner of Kansas, where the livestock population outnumbers the human one, by far. There are multiple cattle feed yards  exceeding  85,000 capacity (each) in and around this area, a myriad of other large, and small  ones, as well as ethanol plants, corporate hog feeding facilities, and multiple 1,000-head+ dairies.  There also lots of crops produced here, corn (mainly irrigated by center pivots), and wheat, hay, and milo on the non-irrigated ground.  To the south of us is the Texas/Oklahoma panhandle, also known for its large feed yards and dairies, and a little less known for crop production. The entire area has seen drought over the last several years, and also diminishing water tables, which has limited how much corn can be produced even with irrigation. This entire area has long been an “importer” of grain, as the consumption of grain in the area far exceeds local production, and the numbers who consume have continued to grow. Multiple (already large) custom feed yards have added significant capacity in the last 5 years, a cheese plant is being built that will encourage dairy expansion, and on and on. The feed…

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