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I had breakfast recently at our local café in Royal, IA, where a gentleman in his 80’s described how our county in Northwest Iowa was pretty much swamp land back when it was settled.  It wasn’t until they figured out how to drain it that the farmland was found to be productive.  There are limits to every drainage system and this year we are learning what those are.  There were at most, two days in the month of May that farmers could get in the field around here.  And even then, they were not ideal with many producers forced to muddy the crop in.  Planting capacity in general has been increasing over the years.  However, as fast as we can plant, two days is not enough.   On a drive through Western Iowa, it was not difficult to find fields that were just recently planted or had not yet been planted.  We know of at least half a dozen farmers that will take prevent plant in our immediate area which is almost unheard of.  Now it might not add up to much as a whole, but much of the Western Iowa I saw is well behind schedule.  Further more, fields…

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