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I think it was Benjamin Franklin that said “Nothing is certain in life except death and taxes.”  I could write and have written many reports on tax implications for farmers, but I don’t know that I have written much on the topic of death.  And this isn’t really about death, but rather on the potential need for long term care in a nursing home which more and more becomes less a place to rehabilitate and more and more, a place for acute care needs and a final home before we pass away.   My wife is on the board of an area senior living complex, so she occasionally brings me up to speed on costs, regulations and such that are impacting the business of providing good long term care for those in need when they are at their most vulnerable.   President Biden is proposing a plan to set minimum staffing levels for nursing homes. Under the proposal, nursing homes must provide 2.45 hours (2 hours and 27 minutes) per resident day of care from nurse aides, exceeding standards in all states. This means a nursing home would need roughly ten nurse aides per each 8-hour shift in a facility with 100…

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