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Brazil’s second crop corn harvest continues to advance as the dry season is well established at this point.  It won’t begin raining in Northern growing areas until sometime in September.  Mato Grosso was at 5% complete last Friday and so could be as much as 10% complete this weekend.  Corn crop conditions on our farm in Minas Gerais started out positive.  The crop was looking great through most of April, but as is often the case, the crop could have used an extended rainy season through late April and/or May.  That didn’t happen.  The crop cycle shut down prematurely and yield potential will be severely impaired.  Our rainy season is a bit shorter and so this is somewhat expected.  It is worth trying some area each year, but our second crop corn area is limited to less than 20% of our soybean area.  Some producers opt for sorghum or some other small grain that has a shorter season or requires less moisture.  It might have less profit potential but also reduces your financial risk.   Brazilian farmers are now focusing on US weather to give them a potential rally.  While the US planting season has been setting rainfall records in…

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