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In 1985, when I conversed with the owner of the inaugural radio station that first aired the CommStock Report years ago, I asked him how long such programs last. He seemed surprised by the question saying that if refreshed they would not wear out and could last a long time. When I first recorded the CommStock Report we used 8-track tape technology which certainly dates me. Then, we sent each recorded program to each station individually, which often took me several hours each afternoon. If I coughed, for example, I had to start all over. There was such a thing as digital editing. This technology dramatically improved, changing over the years and the format of the program did too.   In January of this year CommStock Investments inaugurated another significant change, creating our own digital network called the CommStock Channel. We produce a podcast each day aired with the daily digital CommStock Report. It is also posted on YouTube and social media platforms. Marlin Bohling, coming to us from RFD TV, is the director of the CommStock Channel with Breann Hendrickson as his producer. We have had an excellent initiation of the channel with contributions from our brokers, agents, guests…

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