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It ain’t over ’til it’s over.  The market had already begun moving on from Brazil’s soybean harvest as it was nearly 95% complete.  Rio Grande do Sul, the second largest state for soybean production, was the last major area to wrap up harvest.  RGDS was about to have one of their best seasons in a long time.  With roughly 25% of the state remaining to be harvested, massive rains have begun causing apocalyptic type damage to cities and farms, with a reported death toll at 80 people and rising.  We see images of what appears to be lakes where an unharvested soybean field sat ready to be cut just days earlier.  Grain storage facilities are also submerged underwater.  As many as ten meatpacking plants have suspended operations.  RGDS historically averages as much as 6 inches in the April/early May time frame.  So far, they have received over 20 inches in that same amount of time with as much as 10 inches or more expected in some areas into next week.  It is reportedly the worst flooding in 85 years!   Yield damage is prevalent across the entire state but weighing slightly more to the western side where it shares a…

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