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Cropping conditions were starting to feel similar to 1993 here. That year my neighbor across the road planted corn extremely early in April before conditions were fit. It made no sense to me why he would plant that early mudding the crop in. I got my fertilizer and chemical on to plant corn and then it rained and rained and I ended up participating in the 0-92 program that year where we destroyed the crop for a payment. The neighbor’s corn made 150 bpa which was the best in the county. Mine was about half of half of that. By it staying wet he avoided sidewall compaction and crusting. Some corn got planted here in April this year. At the time conditions were good. However, it has rained and rained since resulting in ponding, uneven emergence and N loss that will take the top end off of the yield. I am still not ready to give up on an APH yield from the early planted corn yet but unrelenting rain may change that. There were a couple days planters got into the field again here in mid-May. This time they mudded through. It will need to stay wet for this…

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