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The promise by President Biden of standing “shoulder to shoulder” with Israel proved to be one of the casualties of the Israel/Hamas war. It succumbed to the success of the Hamas/Palestinian public propaganda strategy. Gaza was a Palestinian state that was controlled by Hamas. Hamas is a terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction and elimination of Israel, transparently described by Hamas as capturing the territory “from the river to the sea” as its objective. Gaza was transformed by Hamas into an underground military complex, completed as a protected missile launch pad capable of reigning missiles down on Israel defended by its ‘iron dome’. Late last year Hamas launched a military offensive against Israel. On October 7th, 2023 highly trained Hamas assault troops successfully executed a surprise attack on Israeli settlements outside Gaza raping, pillaging and killing over 1200 Israeli citizens while taking many others hostage in their retreat to their underground fortress in Gaza. Understanding why Israel is so devastated, in US population equivalency that would be the same as 42000 murders/deaths. Hamas correctly anticipated that Israel would have no choice but to invade Gaza and were well prepared for the anticipated assault to make it as bloody as possible….

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