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70% of the US 2024 corn crop was counted as planted last week. A small amount of progress was made here before the rain came today. Heavy rains and another system coming later in the week would appear to sustain protracted planting delays on the rest. My crop insurance company partner got half of his corn in in the recent couple day window. He said that 20-30% of what he planted he should not have been…in mud. He also said his planter had more mud on it then he had ever seen before but he did not plug. A subscriber e-mailed, “One more thing I saw many farmers running hard yesterday, and when they pulled out of the field WOW there was mud on the roads… Mud and great corn don’t go together…So yes bad farming practices were in place.”   Rain totals could reach 2 inches here today. Planting may not resume here until the end of May. Farmers put crop in under conditions that they would not have, were it earlier on the calendar. The family is still planting corn and we will hire someone to plant my soybeans. They had put my corn in in April and…

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