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Second crop corn harvest has begun in select areas of Mato Grosso. Early yield reports are mostly favorable with yields reaching 130 to 145 bpa. This is to be expected. Early planted fields never lacked moisture. These higher yields will be needed to offset later planted fields. They are only in the initial stages yet of the harvest season which will last until early August. While initial yields are positive, they are partially offset by reports of quality issues from too much moisture. Meanwhile, lack of rainfall will negatively impact later planted fields. Farmers may be surprised by how much the rainy season did not extend through the month of April.   The main concern for safrinha corn growers is that the cost of production is around the $3.35/bushel area…and yet the current spot price for corn in Central Mato Grosso has been trading closer to $3.00/bu. It is not expected to improve much as harvest advances. This is why corn ethanol plants have located in these areas. It allows them to source the cheapest corn in the world.   The problem areas this year are located in parts of Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul and Parana. One region of…

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