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Last year our crops sucked all available moisture from our soil profile in order to finish here in NW IA. We had enough subsoil moisture reserves, where there are deep soils, to finish the crop with better-than-expected yields. Our moisture was tapped out in the process, so we were bone dry at harvest. Then it started raining here again in October. My partner who tracks his accumulations says that we got 8 inches in October which went a long way to restore our soil moisture deficit. Our soil profile can hold 11 inches that is available to a corn crop on our farms. Next to happen is that it did not freeze hard until after Christmas. Some did field work up until Christmas and some tilers worked here in January before we got hard frozen ground. We got another 2 inches of rain in December. The late freeze allowed this to soak into the soil profile as well. The winter freeze did not last long, as I told you that the car that they park on the ice on our lake, fell in the earliest ever before in the ‘guess the date’ contest. This year the lake was frozen for…

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