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Why Label it So?   It took a while but mandatory “Country-of-Origin labeling” has now become voluntary “Product-of-America labeling.” This rule, finally finalized by USDA, addresses a loophole created by the repeal of mandatory country-of-origin labeling in 2015 after which multinational meatpacking corporations began placing a “Product of U.S.A.” label on imported meat packaged in the U.S. I was an active promoter of mandatory Country-of-Origin labeling which split the livestock/meat industries down the middle. It seemed to me that other countries were allowed to identify their product origin with labeling but somehow it was a restriction for us to do likewise. If mandatory, there was a cost to it but consumers said that they were willing to pay to know where the meat they purchased came from. This was back in the time when BSE in other countries threatened US consumer confidence here. Our meat import competitors saw this labeling as a trade violation and were willing to take a complaint to the WTO. Again, it was difficult to differentiate how our labeling products failed to comply with trade rules while theirs did. The playing field did not feel level. Mandatory Country of Origin labeling was taken under complaint in…

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