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Farmers Made Good Acreage Decisions So Far   Last year farmers said they intended to choose just about the right mix of crops in the March planting intentions report. Then they second guessed and added 2 mln corn acres to the 92 mln initially intended. Planting conditions were not that good but they did it anyway. Blame mostly fell on a high 5.91 corn crop insurance price guarantee but the additional acres added approximately 350 mln bushels to production and subsequently the carry over that we did not need. It is now a burden that is still riding on the back of the corn balance sheet. That collective mistake of planting more acres than the market needed in 2023 has cost the corn market and thus farmers a lot. Until the balance sheet is corrected it will keep on costing us.   March is going out like a lion but the snow will quickly melt and provide moisture for planting. Given the unprecedented degree of field preparation work accomplished because of the abbreviated winter, it is unlikely that we will see extended planting delays and farmers should be able to plant whatever crops they want. We should have an early…

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