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Brazil is about 75% complete overall with the soybean harvest mid-week with Brazilian farmers hoping the harvest low is behind them. The majority of the soybean crop remaining to be harvested is centered in both Southern Brazil and the Northeast.  Mato Grosso is wrapping up harvest this week while Rio Grande do Sul is just getting started yet with only 5% complete. We have 40% remaining to harvest on our farm in Minas Gerais.  Heavy rains have slowed the harvest which is both a blessing and a curse.  Rain at harvest can hurt seed quality on the beans but it is also helpful for second crop corn.   Surprisingly, yields are phenomenal so far on the family farm.  The running soybean average is around 72 bpa, with one field that did 83 bpa.  But we have our weaker fields remaining, and so we expect overall yield to fall to 65 bpa or less.  This is still at or slightly above our APH.  I would not have expected yields to rebound like this considering the start to the year.  We had our farm Christmas party around December 16th and things were looking pretty bleak at that point.  One big difference is…

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