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On the Grains Grains are weaker in overnight trading as this goes to press around 6am. Traders continue to position themselves for tomorrow’s big day. USDA will release both the Prospective Plantings Report and Mar. 1 Grain Stocks at 11am and the range of trade estimates is wide enough on both reports to trigger significant market reaction if USDA’s numbers come in near either end of those ranges. The news is dominated by the supply chain disruption likely with that catastrophic bridge collapse in Boston now blocking ship traffic in and out of that key port. Agricultural trade is impacted as detailed below. Recriminations will focus in coming weeks that will challenge politicians, engineers, and executives. How did a ship striking a single pier take out the whole bridge? Where were backup systems to steer the ship? Why were there no early warnings and tugboats available? Who is liable for costs of cleanup? It’s bittersweet in the wake of the cattle market collapse on the bird flu in cattle story yesterday, but a new report assures that Americans remain big meat eaters. Despite decades of attacks on livestock operations by environmental zealots, the new “Power of Meat” report from the Meat…

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