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When I checked into the motel in Omaha for the NCAA tournament there last week, there to root for ISU this time, the topic being discussed at the desk was not the time for checkout or basketball…it was shocking gas prices. The clerk was complaining that gas prices had jumped 40 cents a gallon in just a few days there. She was critical of US oil exports seeing that as inflating our domestic price. That view surprised me a little bit. Another individual checking in was blaming it on greedy oil companies. US oil companies are producing record amounts of oil. Geopolitical turmoil has supported prices. Frankly some of it was the winter/spring blend seasonal adjustment. They switch from winter blends which are cheaper to more expensive summer blends. It was an all of the above confluence of issues that sent gas prices on a run. I was able to tank up on E-15 in Omaha for $3.19 gallon compared to E-10 for $3.29. Again, E-15 reduces pump prices rather than increases them as the Biden Administration fears. E-85 ethanol at our home station was $2.19 a gallon. My previous fill of E-30 had been just $2.69 a gallon. Average…

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