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How and Why   The US is the world’s largest exporter of natural gas, with supply growth unleashed by the technology of fracking as the co-product of shale oil production. While there have been NG supply reductions in Europe primarily caused by geopolitical conflict with Russia which had been their main supplier, the US has the capacity, given time to build the LNG export infrastructure, to mitigate such shortages. US LNG exports to Europe tripled and they would take more if available to them. If we do not displace Russian NG supplies in the world market someone else will or it gives Russia additional black-market opportunities. It will push China and Russia closer together. The laws of supply and demand and a global free market were in process of responding to these market forces as it should until…interrupted by US government intervention through regulation, with a pause in issuing permits to build said LNG export infrastructure. To build an LNG export facility the company needs permits from the US government to export the stuff. They have to have commitments from NG buyers approved by the Feds. If the buyers are from a country that has a free-trade agreement with the…

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