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The month of March weather came in like the nicest cutest little lamb we have ever enjoyed. The adage is that when that happens the month’s weather usually goes out like a lion. I doubt that winter is over but the winter in its nastiest form should be. Our ground frost is gone, many fields have been worked that farmers would prefer a little frost returns temporarily. Whatever form of moisture we get, even if snow, should soak in unimpeded and be welcomed. If the lion brings moisture, then rather than something that would prolong winter, it would be a good thing. I was down to Des Moines and back late last week again and there are many fields prepared that are ready to plant. They will likely only wait until the crop insurance authorized date of April 10th to roll around. It is rather difficult to see right now where planting delays in the primary Corn Belt would come from. The central plains are under a rain shadow cast by the Rockies, the ECB is better watered than the WCB, soil moisture reserves are much less than desired, rain systems are rolling through the delta and mid-south and up…

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