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Chinese officials implement policy but have no say in what the policy is, tasked with only implementing it. They all know what they are supposed to do and the picture they are supposed to maintain both internally and internationally of domestic tranquility and strength. All power and policy in China derive from Xi Jinping, said to be the most powerful tyrant in existence challenging historical comparisons. He used to have a small number of his former classmates and colleagues that shared some responsibility with him but most if not all such subordinates have literally disappeared. The annual Communist Party Congress has become fully “pretense without substance.” The members perform to script. They used to have a press conference afterwards and this year they did away with that too. It was Kabuki Theater anyway so no one has really missed it. Their problem is that the story they are selling at the annual gathering and from ministries every day in China no longer reflects reality. The Chinese economy is no longer growing as it was nor are the people getting richer. It has gotten late in the economic cycle and the energy has been spent. Kind of like Goebbels spinning NAZI…

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