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One is Most Vulnerable When at the Pinnacle of Great Success China’s economy has been a juggernaut of growth for so long and had gotten so strong that many had come to believe that their state version of a managed economy had become immune to capitalist economic cycles and that the party could go on forever. Unfortunately, the delusion of forever eventually exhausts itself and what was always the reality, that delusion has an expiration date and is manifesting itself at the present in China. China’s economic growth was the product of demographics and state manipulation. It was the greatest manifestation of state sponsored marination of economic manipulation in modern history. It has inflated into an unparalleled unprecedented economic bubble. The CCP state sponsored manipulation appeared to be so successful that Chinese techno-bureaucrats temporarily fooled the world into believing that they were invulnerable to the rules that the rest of the world economic managers are forced to adhere to. The CCP has many advantages as it controls all of the institutions of the Chinese state. They have all of the means necessary at their disposal to perpetuate an illusion long after it has become apparent to many in the world…

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