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Grains are likely to be little changed on a quiet open while most traders are busy watching the Super Bowl. Food spending for the Super Bowl is expected to rise by about 23 percent this year as at least 110 million people will plan to watch the game. Total food costs are up about 3 percent from a year ago with items such as hamburger and eggs higher while Super Bowl staples like chicken wings, potato chips, and beer are flat or lower compared to last year. In the Headlines Tensions in the Black Sea were raised over the weekend with what Russia alleged was a failed attack by Ukraine against a commercial vessel. It was put into question whether the Russian claim would be a pretense for Russia to retaliate against Ukrainian assets in the southwestern areas of the Black Sea that are key for the passage of ag and energy exports. Friday morning produced another sub-150 million metric ton estimate for Brazil’s soybean crop, with the Brazilian consultancy Safras & Mercado coming in at 149 mmt. That same firm has last year’s soybean crop at 157.8 mmt. Last week’s crop report saw the USDA only lower the 2024…

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