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In the past I have been asked “Why don’t you criticize Biden more?” Here is what you have been waiting for. I have not been pleased with a number of things in the performance of the Biden administration and I am in the super-majority of 70% of Americans who think that forcing us to choose between Trump and Biden is abusive. I will pick out three things that I think that Biden really mucked up on…the first was the incompetent exit from Afghanistan, number two would be the failure to address immigration/border security and the third would be the fiasco now unfolding with EV mandates. I am sure that subscribers could send me a much longer list.   The exit in the middle of the night from Bagram air base, leaving the keys on the desk for stunned Afghans, as part of a wholesale withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, was one of the most embarrassing exercises in disloyalty ever conducted by the US. We left our key allies in the country fully exposed and unsupported to a ruthless enemy while we hightailed it for the exits. The unwillingness to support the existing government forces with which we had worked…

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