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# I do not know if there were any Russian spies at our GOP county caucus meeting but Putin would have liked what he heard at ours. The MAGA element there was touting how Trump, Vivek and even DeSantis would immediately end the Ukraine war. That is just what he would like to hear. They would end US aid to Ukraine which puts all of the pressure on Europe to sustain their defense and essentially surrenders the initiative to Russia. Why would anyone in Asia believe that we would stand up to China? The winners at the caucus also support the US withdrawing from NATO and putting tariffs on all imports into the US which is as America First and protectionist as one can get. These would be errors of history being repeated. I thought that leaving our Afghan allies to twist in the wind was an abominable mistake. First, we let Afghanistan go and now they would do the same to Ukraine. We keep doing this sort of thing by isolating ourselves from Europe and Ukraine and we will have no allies left anywhere in the world. They tout these massive foreign and trade policy changes without explanation and…

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