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Part 2 of 3 “I’ve got some good news and some bad news on inflation in the US…one has to do with COVID, and the other is about the labor market. Which do you want first?   Let’s start with the good news. The US is finally emerging from its COVID mask of changing consumer behavior and crazy supply chain dynamics. That means we’ve settled into more stable consumption patterns, and supply chains have finally caught up…so headline inflation is decreasing. Yay!   Now, onto the bad news. We’re entering a (two-decade-long) period of labor shortages. As baby boomers retire, the Zoomers won’t be able to keep up with labor demands. And that shortage is only going to get worse until the mid-2030s.” Peter Zeihan   I have been asked on more than one occasion why the jobs market remains so strong and why there appears to be a worker shortage in the US that is extending well past Covid even with so many immigrants entering the country. Most on the hiring side of the jobs market have been surprised at the protracted nature of the hiring shortfall. Almost no business or industry claims to have all of the qualified…

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