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Part 1 of 3   What best describes an illegal immigrant crossing our southern border? Who are they and why are they coming? In the political conflagration now occurring over the issue of immigration, there are polarized but deeply embedded opinions on how both the US as a country and recent immigration into the US are defined and depicted. Immigrants have been denigrated in what has been a kaleidoscope of reasons: race, religion, language or just because. Resistance from existing Americans to immigrants is nothing new, ingrained in the history of the US, yet almost everyone in the country, other than native Americans, have origins in immigration. My family certainly does. They are German, French Canadian, and Danish mixed to make our families first generation of Americans. I have a Mexican nephew and Brazilian daughter-in-law, both naturalized Americans, contributing to making the country better. Yet, there is not a lot of empathy from the progeny of these past immigrants who now make up Americans for the conditions allowing new ones. Once Americanized, they quickly rebuffed the admission of others to where Senator Lindsay Graham recently said the words that many were thinking, “we are full up”.   There are huge…

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