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Here is a state-by-state comparison of current condition ratings and Pro Farmer yield estimates compared to a year ago for the states completed.   OH crop condition ratings were 74% gd/ex this week versus 60% a year ago. The tour found 183.9 bpa versus 174.2 last year.   SD crop condition ratings were 56% gd/ex this week versus 48% a year ago. The tour found 157.4 bpa versus 118.4 last year.   IN crop condition ratings were 66% gd/ex this week versus 54% a year ago. The tour found 157.2 bpa versus 158.2 last year.   IL crop condition ratings were 64% gd/ex this week versus 70% a year ago. The tur found 193.72 versus 190.71 last year   NE crop condition ratings were 61% gd/ex this week versus 42% a year ago. The tour found 180.9 bpa versus 177.9 last year.   IA crop condition ratings were 60% gd/ex this week versus 66% a year ago. They had completed 3 western districts and will finish with NE IA today. They were disappointed in what they had checked and NE IA was the donut hole for lack of rain this year, opposite of a year ago.   MN crop condition…

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